Executive Staff:

Sean Kirgan          - President

Paula Menges        - Vice President

Curtis Waguespack - Secretary

Lisa Herold            - Treasurer

Governing Documents:

Please contact us to receive a copy of our Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws.

Board of Directors:

Executive Director                               - Sean Kirgan

Director of Operations                         - Paula Menges

Director of Interstate Liaison                - Curtis Waguespack

Director of Public Relations                  - Shawna Garrison

Director of Research and Development  - Grant Ford

Our Mission:

Fired Up to Help is a nonprofit organization based in the Washington, D.C metropolitan area that was created to serve two missions:

1. To be prepared to serve hot meals to first responders and our local community in the event that a disaster strikes our area,

2. To serve as a fundraising mechanism for other nonprofit organizations by throwing BBQ fundraisers to help those in need.