Beef Brisket

Coated with dry rub that has a kick, and smoked low and slow.


Dry rubbed and smoked until tender, then glazed and caramelized for serving.  

Pulled Pork Sandwich
Pork butts are dusted with dry rub and cooked for 11 hours before being pulled for sandwiches.


We offer cole slaw, baked beans, mac and cheese and/or pasta salad.

In May 2011, a devastating tornado destroyed most of Joplin, Missouri.  The next morning, my parents hooked up my father's smoker/cooker and drove the three hours to Joplin, picking up food along the way.  They spent the next day feeding those who had lost everything, and the first responders working in the area.  I was not surprised by the actions of my parents, and wanted to create a nonprofit to aid similar responses in the future.  At the time, I was also involved with a small nonprofit and realized the challenges of fundraising.  Fired Up To Help is my vision of an organization that will not only help those in need after a disaster, but also a fundraising mechanism to help other 501(c)(3) organizations. - Sean

Our Beginning

Our Specialties

Fired Up To Help's food is prepared, cooked and served by volunteers.  Depending on the event type and size, you could enjoy pulled pork sandwiches, smoked pork loin, BBQ chicken, pork ribs or beef brisket.  We believe in 'low and slow' cooking. Cooking for pulled pork or beef brisket is an all night process.  We then offer a variety of side dishes, to include our special cole slaw, mac and cheese from the smoker, baked beans, and pasta salad.

From the Smoker

Pork Loin

Simple!  Salt, pepper and a litte rosemary for a melt in your mouth bite!